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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coince Review Bitcoin Investment Solution

Coince - Bitcoin Investment SolutionHi Friends Waheed Khan here
Today i am going to share a great website where you can invest through Bitcoin and earn daily.
This review is based on my personal experience and trust.

''Only invest the amount you can afford to loss"

Review Of Coince — online resource of Power Supplies & Equipment Limited working in UK, whose main activity is focused on the provision of facilities for cryptocurrency mining:
Watch introductory Video


Investment conditions of are restricted by one plan:
  1. Deposit term: 90 days;
  2. Accruals: daily;
  3. Daily Return rate: 2%;
  4. Total profitability: 180%;
  5. Breakeven point: 50th day (a bit early with RCB);
  6. Deposit body included into payments;
Technical part:
  1. Domain for 18 years (registered 22 January 2004, active till 2022);
  2. Dedicated server — IP;
  3. DDOS protection by DDOS-GUARD;
  4. Licensed script GolDCoders;
  5. Domain registrar ENOM, INC;
  6. SSL certificate + GreenBar for 2 years by Symantec Corporation;
  7. Official certificate: № 06470633 (check here
  8. Unique design;
  9. Original content;

  1. Language:  English;
  2. PS accepted: PerfectMoney , Payeer, BitCoin;
  3. BTC rate: not fixed
  4. Payment type: manual (up to 24 hours)
  5. Minimal deposit — 10$;
  6. Minimal withdrawal — $0,01;

  • Affiliate program
  • 3 level 5-2-1% from partners’ deposits (for representatives 7-2-1%, conditions — no less than 300 usd as investments and no less than 5 active partners);
  • Contacts: feedback form with many departments, facebook, twitter, phone, address;
More than 443167 investors worldwide have chosen Coince as their investment solution & double their money quarterly.

My Stats:

I am going to Start From Initial deposit of $300 and with the strategy to cash out each forth day to recover my invested amount as soon as possible. i will be country representative soon.

If you like coince review and wanted to join coince please click on the banner below to Join my team.
Well come to my team
i will update my stats weekly here .
Coince - Bitcoin Investment Solution


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